nick: fatfish (on bnet, wow blackrock & dragonblight and most other games i play :D)
comfort foods: bibimbap, 鱼片烩饭, japanese curry, chicken cutlet (aston’s esp.), oreos + milk, zinger! ramly ayam, maggi mee goreng, 김치라면, salmon sashimi, beef lasagne, pucca
comfort drinks: teh bing, horlicks bing, 珍珠奶茶, ribena, peach tea freeze, hot chinese tea, green tea
church: jurong sda church – link
specialties: creating anger in fellow drivers (haha), amnesia, missing the bus
favourite dota heroes: lina, rylai, drow, silkwood, prophet, sniper, wd (yes i love to play range and spam)
things that bother me: (you will see this list grow as i slowly remember all the things) running for the bus but still missing it, bottomfeeders, turning on the printer and suddenly there’s 10 printouts from the queue, getting lost (happens very often), driving into an amber light, losing things, mosquito bites on the sole of my foot, waterbottles that leak and wet my whole bag, insomnia
mp3’s i wanna find: time of your life (good riddance) by green day, behind these hazel eyes by ??, everything to me by michelle branch, where i belong by tanya chua, home by kit chan, and others. when i can remember.



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