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Comparing Singapore and London F&B work experience

So I’ve been working part-time in London for three weeks now. I won’t say much else, save that it’s an Oriental restaurant (that’s suitably vague). Having worked in Singapore in the food and beverage industry previously, I could see a serious difference in the work experience in both countries. The chief difference being customers’ attitudes. Well. Where do I begin? Customers in London are really accommodating and understanding overall; they say please and thank you, they are patient and understand when the restaurant is busy, and I’ve not had an unpleasant encounter with any (yet. And I hope it stays that way). Plus, even though service charge is already included, some insist on tipping further. (Haha yes moneyface here).

As for Singaporean customers, they tend to have a saibin (i should revive my Singaporean slang series lol) on all the time, and generally treat service staff like tools. I mean, like something to get things done, not necessarily a living breathing person. So they are more demanding, impatient; if you give them great service, they take it as what they deserve. But if you dare to make them wait or maybe serve another customer before them or mix up an order, they tend to complain straightaway, or give you that look. The look of disgust and *why are you so stupid*. And they never tip. Haha. Perhaps it’s the kiasu and corporatist culture we’ve cultivated over the years, that result in an impatient, look-out-for-oneself tendency in Singaporeans.

Anyway, the next time you go  to a restaurant, put yourself in the shoes of your waiter/cashier/service staff. Imagine it’s their tenth hour on their feet (yes, it’s happened) and perhaps they’re thinking of the schoolwork they have to rush in the early morning, before working again. Then perhaps give them an extra smile and thank-you. It’ll make their day. Trust me, it’s worked for me!


the greatest fried (black) carrot cake and roti prata i know in singapore

Hello, this post has been in my mind for a very long time. I’d like to recommend two great places for fried carrot cake (black) and roti prata, respectively. The former is located in Ang Mo Kio, Street 11. (Stall name: Ang Mo Kio 107) It is manned by a really friendly uncle who always wears a smile on his face as he fries up platter after platter of sticky delicious carrot cake! Make sure you order the black version though, as his white version is unfortunately inferior to those at Seven Mile market. His black carrot cake, though, is the best I’ve ever tasted! No joke!ImageHaha I tried to be artistic by applying a desaturation to the photo but it kinda failed. Anyway, in front of his stall, you’ll see many awards from food programs or books. He usually opens from 6 or 7pm till midnight, so take note. Haha, for more detailed directions, check out

The roti prata stall is located in Sin Ming (name: Faisal & Aziz Curry). Their prata is crispy yet fluffy inside, and does not taste too floury or flat. Their curry is also extremely hearty and sweet. I suspect they put a lot of tomatoes in it.ImageAs for other items, do try their fried chicken (about $3) – it is really better than KFC! Juicy inside, with a very flavourful crispy skin. Their curry chicken is also a must try. Their address is Block 24, Sin Ming Road, #01-51 Jin Fa Restaurant (near Thomson Road).ImageI always try to bring my visiting overseas friends to these more local places, as I find many of the much-touted kopitiams like Chomp Chomp or Newton Circus are too commercialised, and more pricey too. These smaller shops are also have a more homey atmosphere and will show a more local slice of life to your overseas friends! Oh man, I just remembered I also have recommendations for beef noodles and nasi lemak. Not to mention the white version of carrot cake!

So much good food to share! Nevermind, I’ll leave them to subsequent posts.

a sight for sore eyes

i almost couldn’t believe it when i saw it. a rare sighting of a double decker 151. during morning peak hour. hahaha only ngee ann poly, sim and nus students will understand how i feel !!!dsc01232

another sight i love to see:


haha i love seeing all those power tiles


and presenting: the Yankee Burger from New York New York. it costs about $40 with gst and service charge but the catch is: if you can finish the whole plate by yourself, it’s free. hahaha! dev’s hand is there for easy reference so you can gauge your likelihood of completion.. i think it’s just nice for 2 guys to share D: (or 4 girls, lol!) yum yum. each quarter of the burger is like a normal fast food burger HAHA wooo. plus the mountain of fries!!! oh… drools…


chicken cutlet: S$2.20

is this heaven?

i think i have discovered heaven on earth
and it is nestled somewhere in shaw tower, orchard
there, bountiful baskets of steaming hot gai mei paos and 凤爪 jostle for space beside divine creations such as egg tarts, tender beef belly slices and 牛肉肠粉.
each of them screamed “eat me!” “try me!”
“feast upon my tender juicy flesh!”

how could i refuse?

my only regret: that i didnt properly document my subjects before devouring them.

above left: chinese french fries.
above right: egg tarts