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games i need to replay

I have a sudden urge to replay some really old 90’s games. So I’ll place them here to get to when I have the time. Right now school, work, and other commitments are totally absorbing my time.

  • Quake 3 Arena – my first FPS that I truly fell in love with
  • Unreal Tournament – zombie arena!
  • Zork Nemesis – my sister played this one but it was a game with real good atmosphere.
  • Gabriel Knight 2 and maybe 3
  • Death rally – woohoo crush the spectators into blood pools!
  • Dark forces II – i remember actually creating maps for this game
  • Rise of the triad – i think i’ll be disappointed by the graphics but still, this was a good era.
  • Superfly – one of the earliest, and the most addictive

That’s it! Back to preparing for dissertation seminar!