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plz adopt meee

Last night, I agreed to foster a small kitten for my colleague. I say ‘foster’ because I do not intend to keep this cute little critter for long, as we already have 3 cats in our house. Hence, I’m just temporarily caring for this kitten, as her previous owner had to give her up because her roommate was allergic to cats. There wasn’t anywhere else, so I agreed to take her (for awhile). If you happen to want to adopt a cute black kitten with white patches on her belly (or know anyone who does), please do let me know! Her name as of now is Choco:Image


Skyping your cat

Saw this on 9gag and couldn’t resist reposting it here! Skyping his cat, this owner found a hilarious expression on his cat’s face. I also skyped my cat before! But I think my cat’s too dumb to realise it was me. Oh well.What a gormless expression on his face.


heheh this is really really really cute
and i wanna see what happens after… ^_^