bucket list

games i need to replay

I have a sudden urge to replay some really old 90’s games. So I’ll place them here to get to when I have the time. Right now school, work, and other commitments are totally absorbing my time.

  • Quake 3 Arena – my first FPS that I truly fell in love with
  • Unreal Tournament – zombie arena!
  • Zork Nemesis – my sister played this one but it was a game with real good atmosphere.
  • Gabriel Knight 2 and maybe 3
  • Death rally – woohoo crush the spectators into blood pools!
  • Dark forces II – i remember actually creating maps for this game
  • Rise of the triad – i think i’ll be disappointed by the graphics but still, this was a good era.
  • Superfly – one of the earliest, and the most addictive

That’s it! Back to preparing for dissertation seminar!


project mongolia

As you might know, I recently joined a project team made up of fellow final-year students from NUS Political Science. We’re planning to embark on a house-building project in Mongolia in May! (In partnership with Habitat for Humanity, an international non-governmental organisation or NGO) Why the sudden decision? I also felt it was quite impulsive, but I thought it was a good opportunity to try something new and hopefully do some good. The timing was also right, as it would start right after my internship ends and after graduation. Then after the trip, I can concentrate on the next stage of life! So exciting! I guess this goes under my bucket list as well, to experience a humanitarian trip. But I still have some conflicting feelings about voluntourism (both volunteering while touring a country) as it seems there might be more worthwhile ways to spend time and money. Nevertheless, I’ve committed to this project so I will see it through.

Anyway, I’m designing some stuff for the cause. Here’s a T-shirt design. NICE RIGHT?And here’s the poster we’ll be putting up to advertise for sales of the T-shirt, which will be priced at $12. CHEAP RIGHT?

Bucket List 002


I hope to finish the New York New York Yankee Burger challenge sometime in my life (Before I die, or before New York New York folds, whichever is sooner). If you didn’t know, the challenge is to finish a huge beef burger on a massive bed of fries in one sitting. If you manage to do so, your $32 meal is FREE! I managed to find the actual rules of this challenge on their facebook page:

They actually have a scoreboard of winners in the Citylink outlet:

Apparently this Neil Wang finished his Burger in about 21 minutes. That’s crazy!

Incidentally, the Citylink branch also has a self-vending pool table that charges $2 a game. Pretty good deal, I think. The only thing is I think the whole set is slightly smaller than the standard. I think it’d be fun to bring some friends and take the burger challenge together haahhaa. Then see each other get totally stuffed, nauseated, and perhaps even hurl.

bucket list 001

I know I’ve neglected this blog for many months! But given my poor, sporadic memory, I decided it would be nice to create a ‘bucket list’. For those who don’t know what a bucket list is, it is a list of things to do before one ‘kicks the bucket’ or ‘croaks’ or otherwise dies. Anyone know other euphemisms for dying? Anyway, I learnt it after watching the movie entitled (surprise!) “The Bucket List”. I think it starred Jack Nicholsen (whom I will always imagine as X-men’s Wolverine, but anyhow) and Morgan Freeman, but I can’t remember for sure. Hence this list. Am I talking in circles?

Anyway, my first item will be something I decided long ago and which I’ve carried around in my head rather steadfastly. Before I die, I hope to hug a penguin.

Picture credits:  Here and here