I just read a story on The New Paper about a man who tried to catch a woman who fell 14 storeys in Tanah Merah, Singapore. On July 10, Mr Rozaimi Zainal saw a lady standing on the ledge of the highest floor of a condominium block. Although he shouted at her not to jump, she rolled herself off the ledge, so Mr Zainal attempted to catch her. The bones in his left leg shattered from the impact, and unfortunately, despite his efforts, the woman died. More can be read here:

I truly respect this individual for risking his life to rescue another. Experts noted that being hit by a body falling from that height is akin to being rammed by a car moving at 100 km/h, and some said Mr Zainal is lucky to be alive. But Mr Zainal said, “I don’t know where I got the courage or why I tried. But if it were to happen again with the same consequence, I would try again. As a human being, as a fellow person, it is my duty to at least try to save another person’s life.” 

His sentiment is truly amazing to me and I really hope in such a situation I would be able to act in a similar manner. In Singapore many have noted a lack of humanity and simple kindness in everyday interactions, but events like these really demonstrate that noble values still live on in individuals.

Incidentally, while I was in the UK, I read a similar story where a woman in the US caught a falling infant. That case ended much happier with both parties unhurt as the baby only fell from the second storey. Similar to this case, the woman saw the toddler on the balcony, so she positioned herself where it would likely fall, and dialed 911. But before emergency personnel could arrive, the toddler fell. She said after the incident, “I just was positioning myself where I thought he might fall. I feel fortunate that he landed right in my arms. It was effortless to catch him. Once it was happening, he was landing.” More can be read here:

Well as a start, I guess if we live in high-rise urban environments, we should always be alert to activities happening not just around us, but above us as well.



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