Guess what I got in the email this week? Another 7 days of free World of Warcraft game time!Image

Sigh, seeing the mailer really gave me mixed feelings. On one hand, I’ve accepted two of these buggers before, so there’s that recognition and familiarity. It’s like the strange uncle you always see only at Chinese New Year. Yet, I’ve gotten over the physiological reactions from anything WoW-related. It’s been more than 8 months (?) since I last played and I don’t get excited just seeing new content, nor do I keep ruminating on new items or dungeons to do for my character, because I’ve just been away that long. After a certain point, you kind of lose touch with the game and the community, and because they keep pumping out new content, you become more and more out of touch and obsolete the longer you stay away. So in a good way, it gets easier to quit the more you stick with it. Just like any other destructive addiction, I think.

I guess I won’t be taking the offer this time, Blizzard. I really enjoyed your game but I won’t be going back very soon. Perhaps when you come up with your new expansion, and when life is not so busy 🙂



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