Woodlands Blood Bank

Okay, I promised a post on the Woodlands Blood Bank and donation experience, so here it is! I visited the newly opened blood bank (second in Singapore besides the one in Health Sciences Authority at Singapore General Hospital compound, Outram Park) with some friends. It’s much smaller than the HSA branch, but much more welcoming in terms of location and decor. Yes, I’m truly biased on the location as I stay in the North, but more blood banks are always a good thing, right? Anyway, check out some pictures below.The entrance. Was initially a bit difficult to find as it was nestled in a corner surrounded by tuition centres.

The form-filling area cum waiting area. I like the posters as they create a warm presence and reaffirm your decision to give blood. The doctors’ rooms are  along the left wall, so everything is contained within that area, unlike HSA where much more walking is needed. The downside is probably Woodlands BB cannot handle large crowds of blood donators.This is the actual donation area. Its very bright and open, with a large window that overlooks the field area by the MRT. The lights are also warm lights, not bright fluorescent ones.The staff there are extremely friendly. Sister Soh (if I remember her name correctly) helped me take this photo. She also made fun of Joel who was donating blood for the first time. Haha.

All in all, a very pleasant experience. Due to its nearer location and smaller crowd, donation here was much more breezy and pleasant. The Woodlands BB also has free photo-printing! So we actually printed many pictures as souvenirs. And I also received two coin plaques to commemorate, retroactively, my 5th and 10th donations! Sweeeeeet. 



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