a very packed sunday

Just want to record an eventful day, so I can remember this feeling of productivity (hopefully).

  • 0800: woke up
  • 0850: went running at yishun stadium with friends
  • 0940: rushed home to pick up grandma
  • 1000: dropped grandma off at aunty’s house
  • 1010: went back to pick up friends at stadium
  • 1040: reached woodlands for brunch!
  • 1130: donated blood at woodlands bloodbank
  • 1300: left woodlands for work at whampoa
  • 1335: reached whampoa
  • 1740: work ended, left for friend’s house for mahjong!
  • 1830: mahjong!
  • 1930: dinner
  • 2215: reach home
  • 2300: tried studying but fell asleep, can’t remember what time.

Ok this post was boring, but I enjoyed recounting what I did. I’ll post soon about blood donation! Woodlands Bloodbank is so clean and new!



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