Somebody once asked, coul…

Somebody once asked, could I spare some change for gas, ‘I need to get myself away from this place.’ I said, yep! What a concept! I could use a little fuel myself, and we could all use a little change…

Haha just some random lyrics from Smashmouth’s Allstar. Been stuck in my head after randomly hearing it on my ipod this morning. Blast from the past! Grew up listening to them, and LFO and Moffatts and Chumbawumba and Barenaked Ladies and Blessid Union of Souls. Oh what happened to them?

Hehe and just a random aside. You know how in the song they sing, ‘Hey now, you’re a rock star, get the show on, get paid’ and ‘Hey now, you’re an allstar, get your game on, go play’? I forgot where I heard this, but there are alternative lyrics that go ‘Hey now, you’re a porn star, get your clothes off, get laid’. Heheh not that I advocate porn, but it’s just humorous.



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