lego bible: the brick testament

I was googling for some images for a church bulletin when I stumbled upon this gem of a find. I had searched for “Acts 2” and was scrolling through the images when I noticed a picture of lego people surrounded by what looked like tacky orange fire. It was this picture:It looked like they were getting infected by some alien fire, but I realised they were supposed to represent the disciples – and this led to the Brick Testament – an illustrated Bible filled with thousands of pictures of lego characters acting out scenes from the Bible. It’s hilarious! I like how in this picture Lucifer is depicted as a sour angel with glittery butterfly wings.Here Lucifer shows his true colours by striking poor Lot with painful sores on his body. Job looks like a cactus here, but it’s because of the ‘boils’ which are represented by the connector nodes placed randomly on his body. Ouch!Another hilarious one – here Ishmael is getting circumcised after God orders Abraham to have males in his household circumcised. Priceless expression! Abraham also circumcises his labourers – I guess labourers work harder so they get muscles. Notice the lopped off node lying on the floor – ouch!

Haha anyway, go check out the official site here:



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