I just spoke with a colleague who is working on SALT, an online publications highlighting the good work in volunteering and philanthropy in Singapore. It covers issues ranging from best practices for non-profit organisations, profiles of inspiring individuals and even up-and-coming charities or foundations. I’d volunteered to help write an article so she briefed me on three potential stories. Her passion really shone through while she was introducing SALT to me – she’s virtually running a one-woman project handling so many simultaneous tasks. She even edits another magazine on charity (this one is worldwide), and has a personal project on ageing in Singapore. So it made me think about the impact I’m making around me. Am I living to my full potential? I don’t think so. But it’s also encouraging in that I can take many small steps in the right direction! Click on the logos/links below to check these pages out.

You can read SALT online here:

Also, check out her project on ageing: Ageless Online:



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