belated merry christmas

I know this is pretty late, but Merry Christmas!

This Christmas and new year was really awesome for me. The youth in church put up, for a first time, a musical drama that merged the sharing and music teams. It took a LOT of coordination and effort but we pulled it off!

It was a basic nativity story with a twist – beginning with a modern-day couple arguing over starting a family versus the guy’s career, it segues into the story of Jesus. Mary gets the amazing news from an angel that she will give birth to Jesus (‘How can it be? I’m a virgin!) alongside the song ‘It came upon a midnight clear’. As Joseph and Mary return to their hometown Bethlehem for a population census, they hunt in vain for a room to spend the night (cue song: ‘When you believe’) – until a grouchy innkeeper takes them in. As baby Jesus is born that night, wise men and shepherds come to pay their respects (‘When a child is born’). Finally, Jesus grows up and pays the ultimate price – dying on the cross for us. (‘Via dolorosa’)

The play was also special because there was audience participation! For the simple roles like the angel, innkeeper, wise men and shepherds, ‘volunteers’ were picked to fill these roles, without prior knowledge! At one point the angel delivered her lines to the wrong audience to much hilarity. Hope to find a video of it soon!


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  1. Happy New Year. Thank you, with my love, nia

    5 January, 2012 at 22:08


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