rebels wanted!

I started an internship with a NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) this December – NVPC (Nat’l Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre). Even before I started work officially, I helped them design a recruitment ad (during the examination period!). As they wanted to emphasise the unconventional and passion-driven nature of the non-profit sector, I initially came up with a design based on a mohawked executive – my idea of fitting the mold of a productive worker, but with an edge of individuality. Here is the first draft! (I’ve blurred the text as there were some revisions)Image(I actually spliced several different photos to make the dude and added in the mohawk spikes using vector – yeah it looks really badly put together). Credits: Face | Suit

Haha eventually they asked for a different take, so I worked another concept, utilising the generic male-female symbols commonly seen at toilets. In a sea of identical people, I would plant two dynamic individuals representing the people the NPO would be looking for (in their corporate colours, too!). The idea would be that these people dare to stand out from the crowd and also are activists for their causes (hence the superhero capes). This was eventually chosen! Now that they’ve posted this one live, I can share it freely! Hehe. So if you want to join NVPC, do write in!Image



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