This post will be a purely nerdy expression of my exploits in an online game. So that’s just a warning. If you’re easily bored by nerdtalk, just skip this post!

Haha, I’m still high from last night, where I stayed up to 1.30am playing Wow. Initially, I was struggling through another fail-Stonecore run. (Incidentally, I find Stonecore to be the hardest heroic instance! I have yet to complete it, while I’ve managed the other instances quite well. I think Ozruk is the worst boss ever! Hahahaha we must have wiped at least 5 times. People kept leaving and joining but the tank and I stayed quite long. There was one instance where we even lasted about 4min after the three DPS died – I know because I was waiting for my Shadowfiend cooldown lol!)

Anyway, out of the blue, a guild mate whom I have never spoken to before asked me whether I wanted to do BT. Being the noob I am, I replied “im not geared enuf”, to which he said BT is an old-world raid for lower-level players. Lol. So I agreed and left my SC group (which was down to three people, so I’m NOT a leaver k). 5 minutes later, he said they would be doing a BH run (another unfamiliar one) before the BT one (confusing eh?). It turns out BH is kinda like the Vault of Archavon (which I’ve done like eons ago) but for Cata-levels. And guess what? An epic PVP item dropped for me! I was the only one who rolled! So I got it! This means that I’m now at ilevel 346, which means that I can enter the Troll dungeons! Okay I realised that this post will appear insufferably nerdy and sad but oh well. It makes me happy!!

So after winning some “Cataclysmically Epic” loot, we went to Black Temple to slay Illidan ‘The Betrayer’ Stormrage. That’s kind of a cool title to have, huh? And halfway through the boss fight, who would show up but Maiev Shadowsong herself!! Sorry, just a nerdgasm moment – because I played the Warcraft 3 Campaign – where one would take the role of Maiev in her quest –  Her appearance in Wow was an unexpected continuation of something previously thought unfinished in a different platform – i.e. IT WAS COOL. So if you didn’t know, she was the jail warden of Illidan when he was imprisoned, so you could say they have a quite a relationship. Apparently he’s a very bad nightelf.

Haha below’s some screenshots of our fight. Just before dying, Illidan made a last vengeful comment of Maiev, something along the lines of “You’re a hunter, I’m the hunted. When I’m gone, you’ll be nothing!” and Maiev also suffered some identity crisis as her life goal was finally completed – agreeing that now that Illidan was dead, she had no more purpose. WHAT? Get your act together girl! Don’t you have greater loyalties to the Nightelf council or something? (OK I’m also a lore-noob so forgive me). As an aside, it seems quite sad that a small group of 85’s can kill Illidan Stormrage so easily, like a stroll in the park. This is ILLIDAN we’re talking about!! Anyway, starting to sound schizo so I should just stop here.


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