Singapore Pavilion

Okay so I promised a post about the Singapore Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo 2010! I know it is really overdue, given that the Expo officially ended Oct 31, 2010! But anyway, here’s what Singapore presented at the World Expo!

The exterior was pretty impressive (and strangely reminiscent of our famous “Durian” buildings, haha!). It looked even better at night, because the plain white exterior would be lighted up with changing coloured lights. Apparently, the designers aimed for a “Musical Box” design, with the rectangular spokes representing the nobs which hit the notes in a conventional music box.

There were 3 main levels: The ground floor featured an exhibition of the unique aspects of Singapore, such as the different races, arts scene, and of course, F1 Night racing.

The national costumes for the Chinese, Malay, Peranakans and Indians respectively! They also had this section featuring “eclectic” fashion combining elements of different cultural dress. It was really really weird. LOL.

Take a look yourself! But A+ for effort! Anyway, on the second level, accessible by a sloped rampway, we were ushered into a amphitheater where we watched a 7min video about the development of Singapore. It included narration by none other than Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, with anecdotes including training Singaporeans not to pee in lifts (-_-).

Lastly, the third floor was a rooftop garden featuring tropical flora and fauna. Pretty nice in the day, but it was creepy and dark at night! (Here’s a photo of me with random Aunty)

So that’s about it for the Singapore pavilion! I really enjoyed visiting it, and I also appreciated the fact that upon presenting my Singapore passport at the queue, I could bring a friend and skip the queuing, which could be up to 4 hours! Yeah, the crowds there were frightful, possibly because it was the last month of the expo.

Oh Singapore! I’ll be back there soon! Back to my beloved CARROT CAKE!



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