it’s freezing!

Oh the weather outside is frightful….

When I woke up this morning, it was 8 degrees Celsius outside! Yes! That’s awfully low! Luckily, I had gone to buy a hoodie yesterday from the Business and Economics Association in HKU (haha, even though I technically did not take any business modules in HKU; but I am majoring in Biz!). But I hadn’t jogged in a long time so I decided to brave the cold and go jogging! Strangely, the coldest part of my body were my hands, and halfway through my run I even took off my jacket! But after the run, I had to warm up my hands lol. They felt like ice sausages attached to my palms.

Anyway, even though I’m complaining now, I think I’ll miss this kind of weather when I’m back in sunny Singapore! You won’t ever get frost warnings in Singapore. Sports seasons won’t be discontinued because of cooler weather in Singapore. You can always pop by for a swim whenever you feel like it in Singapore. And you never need 2 layers of clothes in Singapore! (except indoors hahaha)

Let me end with this warning from the Hong Kong Met Service. It’s all so novel to me! (And my breath came out in fog for a short while during my jog!! Awesome!!)

The Cold Weather Warning is now in force.Cold weather is
expected in Hong Kong today... If you must go out, please 
avoid prolonged exposure to wintry winds... Make sure heaters 
are safe before use, and place them away from any combustibles. 
Do not light fires indoors as a means to keep warm.
Dispatched by Hong Kong Observatory at 08:00 HKT on 16.12.2010


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