Hey here are 2 sites I recommend! Since I’m currently in a homesick mood, both these sites have something to do with Singapore. The first is actually, a site where you can answer many quiz type questions such as vocabulary, capitals of the world, math and even science questions. The catch is, for each question you get right, sponsors donate 10 grains of rice to the poor! So you get smarter and do something nice at the same time! Great, huh?

So I created this group under especially for Singaporeans to work together. The group name is “Singaporean Free Ricers” and I got the idea after seeing other groups like “Finnish Free Ricers” or “Canadian Free Ricers” top the charts. Hopefully we can 上榜!

The link for the group’s here:

The other recommendation is a facebook group which showcases a collection of photographs all taken in Orchard Road. Apparently this photographer haunts Orchard Road looking for unique individuals to capture. I like the fact that he always makes sure to gain the subject’s permission before taking their pictures. And some of the people are really spectacular. I mean, I’ve lived in Singapore so long, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such diversity before! Or perhaps I’ve just been taking it for granted or not really looking.

Anyway, the link is

Enjoy these 2 sites!



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