my flat

OK so I promised more substantial updates besides the happy fact that I am still alive and healthy. Immediately after flying in to HK, I took the airport express to Hong Kong Island (where HKUniversity is located; there are other areas like Kowloon, New Territories and Lantau Island which are quite distant from each other). At the train station I met this helpful representative from HKU who helped me flag a taxi and give the driver directions to my designated accommodation. She was kind of surprised that I spoke Cantonese though, and when she found out where I was from, she exclaimed that she had studied in MJC in Singapore! Small world huh?

Anyway, I got off at Sassoon Road, which I eventually found out was about 10min away from the main HKU campus by bus. I have to make a small sidenote to state that these 10 minutes are in Hong Kong minutes, which are different from Singapore minutes. In Singapore minutes, the trip would take about 20 minutes, which is to say, the bus drivers here all drive like Initial D. Not that I’m complaining; it’s a refreshing experience to both gain the excitement of a rollercoaster ride and reach school faster.

I was given a place in the Student Flats, and initially I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t get into the more traditional halls. But now, I realise that the Student Flats are more advantageous to halls (IMHO). First, each 6 person flat has an attached bathroom, kitchen and living room. While 6 people sharing one bathroom may sound tedious, and while the kitchen is really only like 3 metres’ squared, the real advantage is the living room. With a sofa set, a dining table with 6 seats and even a television, we get the best hangout place in the whole of Sassoon Road. Haha! That’s my opinion, anyway. Even though the television is kinda old and only has 1 channel (!!!!), I think it’s more of the available space to socialise which is the real plus. Other students living in the halls would only have their one room to themselves; the common rooms would be shared among the whole floor and often noisy and crowded with strangers. So actually, I’m really quite happy and content with our student flat!

This is the living compound with about 3 residential blocks. Mine is the one wrapped up in scaffolding lol.

Here’s a more close up view. I make it look nice, don’t I?

There’s a really creepy cemetery on a hill ride beside the compound though. There are stairs EVERYWHERE in Hong Kong. Especially this area around HKU. I think I’ve lost weight in the one week plus I’ve been here. Oh well, getting kind of late so I’ll post about the inside of my actual flat next time!



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