Step Up 3D: 赞!

I went into the theatre without much expectations for Step Up 3D but I was blown away! I really liked very many portions of the movie, especially the dance-offs! And the 3D experience was disorientating at first, but really enhanced the dance choreography I feel! I mean, there’s real feeling of depth, and a more dynamic presentation. Though I’ll be looking out for the DVD and soundtrack. Here’s one of my favourite parts of the movie: When the protagonists faced off against the 2nd round qualifiers: House of Gwai. Yup, its a Hong Kong dance group, literally meaning “Ghosts”. Hahah, the uncles betting on the results are really cliche but typical. The song was really awesome and fitting!

I also really liked how different genres are displayed. Like there was a glamorous Tango portion, and each of the group members seemed to have a unique signature style. For instance, there was this guy who really excelled at robotic moves, and so he’d take centre stage while his teammates backed him up. I guess it’s the whole catch and release teamwork that does it for me. And also! Other types of art like visual design, costumes and film-making are also not left out. I approve! 赞!I mean, these elements can really add another dimension to dance and bring it to a new level, and the final dance-off was jaw-dropping. No more spoilers, go catch it!



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