Last week of work!

It’s official! Next week is my last week of work! Finally! After that, I can look forward with immense trepidation at my impending departure to the Fragrant Harbour. It was with glee that I gave my two weeks’ notice last week and both my friend and I, who decided to leave together, are counting down the days. It doesn’t help that the other temp. staff have already drifted off one by one, and we’re the only ones left.

Anyway, the day after National Day was the first time I got sick this year. Yes, and how do I know so clearly whether or not I’ve been sick? It’s because since like February I’ve been taking part in this medical study where weekly questionnaires have to be filled in on our health status and stuff. So I definitely know I haven’t gotten the flu, because it would call for rather dire consequences on the part of the study. (Stuff like hourly monitoring of temperature or something like that). Luckily, I had withdrawn from the study before I got sick, so no hourly tongue checks for me!



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