Haha, it’s been awhile since I last posted something, and it’s taking a good deal of effort to actually blog now. I guess I’ll just do a quick update on happenings; I’ve got a temporary job as an admin assistant (i.e. data entry :D) and besides the faraway location, I’d say it’s the perfect job! The work is simple, brainless but in a steady stream, my colleagues are nice, there’s a company bus which fetches us from the mrt before and after work, and i don’t have to answer phone calls! (I hate answering phone calls) Now, if only I didn’t need to travel an hour and a half between home and work. But that’s us humans, always grumbling about the one small problem among the many other blessings. Haha, I shall try to be more grateful.

My friend has just left for a year of studies in New Zealand, and this has made me more aware of my own impending departure to Hong Kong in about 6 weeks’ time. I realised that I’m still rather horribly unprepared, but it doesn’t erase my tremulous sense of anticipation toward my impending semester overseas.

ANNNDD my cat has just carried a cockroach into my room in his mouth.



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