Results via SMS

You know something cool? NUS actually provides this service where they SMS you your examination results on the day the results are released. After today, I actually wonder whether its a disservice instead. Haha it goes like this: Bright and early in the morning at 8.30am, after 10 hours of much-needed sleep after church camp, I groggily check my phone and see a message from “NUS”. Being still half-awake, I open the message. At first, it seems like a random code of block letters and numbers, but then it hits, and it’s better than a cold shower to wake one up. Such a rude shock to the system! Like one of my friends (I can’t remember who) said, it’s much more palatable to slowly take your time to work yourself into the mood, prepare yourself, grab a cup of milo or something, then login to access your results. 多一点心理准备吧。Oh well, what’s done has been done, and I can’t complain about my results! You know how terrible I felt about Maths? I actually got an A- for it! Unbelievable. I’ve decided to submit my C+ for a review though. It costs $10 but I don’t mind even if I get back the same grade. It’s just that I don’t think I should have gotten such a poor grade, so it’s worth at least a try.



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