Exams are over!

Yes! Finally, my exams are done with! Today was my most dreaded paper out of all – Mathematics in Games. Math is one of my most hated subjects, so of course some of my friends asked why I took this module in the first place. The reason was that at the time, I had already got my 5 core modules, so this was the only GEM module that I could slot into my timetable, and not only that, but so perfectly too, allowing me a three day school week even with 6 modules. Haha! I’m so glad this semester’s finally over, it was my most strenuous ever.

So I’ve also decided to continue some projects that have been put on hold for the exams, like refreshing my portfolio of design works. I’m thinking of fusing that into this blog, so everything’s in one place, but we’ll see how. Also, I’m restarting wow, now that school’s over haha! Another priest, this time a Night Elf one lol. Anyway, while randomly you-tube hopping (you know, jumping from one video to the next by clicking on related videos in the sidebar) I happened upon the unplugged version of La Roux’s “Bulletproof”. The name might be unfamiliar but I’m sure you would have heard the song around on radio – the original is quite hard to miss in all its electronic glory. But I really liked the unplugged version much more – it just sounds that much more intimate and genuine. Here:

And now that we’re talking about La Roux, the lead singer really reminds me of an actress. Below is an image from another La Roux video.

The actress I’m talking about is Tilda Swinton (i.e. the White witch from Narnia). But the visual image of Tilda Swinton I’m referring to is more along the lines of the angel Gabriel she played in the movie Constantine.

(There we go – a pic) I’m not sure whether its her light hair or the eyes. Or the similar scenes both were in – of submersion in water. Or the androgyny of the overall look. I think its the latter, because the movie made Gabriel intentionally androgynous, I feel. And so they enter my category of “angelic-looking” people, which include Uma Thurman and Cate Blanchett. Haha, they just look ethereal and other-worldly for some reason. And I wonder why they’re all blonde.. society’s influence? Anyway, just some random linkage!



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