Oh wow, another Semester has come and gone, and the only thing left between us and the holidays is the happy prospect of examinations. =) So very naturally, I get insane urges to do the most inane and time-wasting activities, such as restarting Dragon Age, restarting Wow and even restarting Plants vs. Zombies (yes, it’s that bad). And most tellingly, here I am, blogging! I just seem pathologically hell-bent on destroying my own scholastic life just when it’s the most crucial final lap. Why! Anyway, here’s my exam timetable to remind myself:

TR2201 – Entrepreneurial Marketing Mon, 26 April, 9am
JS1101E – Introduction to Japanese Studies Wed, 28 April, 1pm
DSC2006 – Operations Management Fri, 30 April, 2.30pm
BSP1004 – Business Law in Singapore Mon, 3 May, 1pm
GEK1544 – Mathematics in Games Tue, 4 May, 9am


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