Blood River

Wow. I just heard and saw the news today. Apparently, the “Red Shirts” people in Thailand are pulling a massive effort at anti-government protesting. They are also demanding snap elections. From the International Herald Tribune (March 17, 2010):

The Red Shirts, as the protestors are known, pooled the blood and unleashed a red tide at the gates of Government House, the office of Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva. 

“If this government is willing to step over our blood, it means they really don’t care about us,” said Amphan Nawangern, 53, a protestor from northern Thailand.

Clumps of coagulated blood clung to the pavement like pieces of tofu. A Brahman walked barefoot through the foamy red pools and performed a ceremony. A soldier in full riot gear fainted and was taken away by his comrades.

Wow. The description used by the reporter was just wow. Pieces of tofu-like blood sticking on the pavement? While I understand how passionate the Thai people are about democratic change, I find it hard to fathom the use of real blood, poured onto the street. The blood could have been donated to hospitals. But then again, the blood was drawn by medical personnel using syringes. (In another report here, it stated the “Nursing and Midwifery Council is threatening to punish nurses who agree to collect blood from red-shirt protesters for the plan to pour blood around Government House” because they said some medical equiment might be contaminated. Scary.) Still, it’s a very shocking move, and from a publicity perspective, really symbolic and effective.

(Source: The Hindu) Really disturbing. I don’t blame the riot soldier who passed out.


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