google street view

WOW! Have you checked out Google Street View? It’s really mind-boggling! And voyeuristic too, in a fun kind of way. I first read about this nifty new Google feature on Reader’s Digest Asia, where an article featured a Singaporean employed by Google to ride a specially designed bicycle around the streets of Singapore. There are cameras mounted on the bicycle, such that wherever he pedals to, pictures are taken of the view all-around, and it really is amazing how immersive the end product is, with 360 degree rotation and amazingly detailed screens.

Here’s a pic of him riding his gizmo-laden bike:

I just chanced upon Google Street View while trying to search how to get to the Chinese Embassy in Singapore. I typed in the address in Google, and out came an option for a street view. Interest piqued, I clicked it, and out came the panoramic eye-level explorer mod. Way cool. Here’s how the Embassy looks like:

Being the kaypoh Singaporean I am, I rotated the view, and saw the houses lining up the streets opposite! Felt like a peeping tom!

And if you click on the arrows, you actually travel along the road! I mean, really, the camera zooms along like a real movement vector, and brings you a few metres ahead! And if you reach intersections, you can change directions..

And of course, I naturally googled my own address, and voila! It popped up too! Now THIS is kinda freaky, checking out pix of your own house from inside! CREEPY….



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