I just came back from jogging, and while running i had lots of time to just ponder about stuff. And I realised that my exercise patterns are usually sporadic – intense bouts of pseudo fitness, then lull periods of slack and langour. So I usually don’t exercise on a regular basis, but based on my moods, I have “fit” and “lazy” periods in my life. (usually the “fit” periods last for days or weeks at the most, while the “lazy” periods can stretch for months, haha)

So, while I was running, I experienced several bouts of flatulence. And I can seriously say that farting while jogging is one of the most satisfying feelings ever! Because it seems that exercise warms up the body, so that farts become longer and more sustained, and you really feel lighter and cleaner after them! Haha! After about the third or fourth bout of gas, I really felt like I was flying across the ground! And I counted, the longest one was about 4 seconds. It might seem short but try counting aloud to yourself “one thousand two thousand three thousand four thousand” and imagine farting for that whole duration. HAHAHAHA Cool!

Okay, I think this post was due to an endorphin rush, but anyway, drink more water and exercise, people!



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