terrible tuesdays

All Tuesdays shall henceforth be dubbed “Terrible Tuesdays”! Why? Because the day begins with an 8am lecture, at Science furthermore, and ends with a business lecture at 6. The real whopper is that I only have one hour break throughout, from 11am to 12pm. So that’s where I have to wolf down a huge lunch to tide me through the day. And… another “great” thing is at 3pm, my Marketing Section ends, and I have to high tail it to Arts faculty to attend a one-hour Japanese Studies tutorial, following which I have to run back to Biz for Business Law lecture! Haha. Ergo, Terrible Tuesday. Today was even worse, because I forgot I had arranged a contact group accountability meeting with guys from the Wednesday VCF Cg! Sleeping at 5am probably didn’t help things much either. (But I did manage to complete all the tutorials and assignments due today, which made for a happier, less stressed me. But a less healthy me. Ah, tradeoffs!) And I also had a group meeting from 6 to 7.30, whereupon I had to rush for water polo training. And training today was crazy! (Our coach had us play ‘water rugby’, which is basically a no-holds barred frenzy of wrestling and grappling for the ball. Simply put, if you’re holding the ball, you’re kinda screwed, because everyone will just swamp you and then you can explore the bottom of the pool for some time. I got my trunks pulled like 5 or 6 times, but luckily I didn’t get scratched this time round!)

But I kinda asked for this horrendous schedule, because I was the one who arranged my timetable. Lols. I had initially thought it would fulfill economic ideals of optimisation and efficiency if I was able to stuff ALL my appointments on one day. (Plus I’ve just learnt lot sizing in Ops Management, too! Order more lessons on a single day and save on transport costs! LOLOL) I forgot to factor in the incidental fact that I’m not a robot.

But it’s cool. And Romeo just stepped on my keyboard. He’s just so attention seeking sometimes. And his dabian stinks la. Haha. AHH can’t wait for next week to come -> Chinese New Year = Holidays = Pigging out + Collect Ang Pows + Play Mahjong!! + NO SCHOOL! Haha, just gotta bear with three more days!

Okays shall post some photographs of Romeo acting cute. Sometimes really ah, tak boleh tahan ia.

(acting cute on my mousepad!)

(acting lonesome)
(in the dustbin searching for rubbish)

他超会装蒜咯!别看他那么可怜的样子,他其实十分调皮!一点都不想一罗密欧啊哈哈哈..如果让我给他取名,我会叫他死鬼!还是臭猫,也蛮好听! 但他本来的主人已给他取了罗密欧…哈哈.



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