The Student’s Dilemma

Kaylin was telling me about the student’s dilemma one day. The basic premise is such: As a student, you can pursue many things, such as studies, sports, girls, activities or friends. But however, choosing one almost always results in a trade-off in terms of other interests. So the theory Kaylin put forth was, there are three main things you can achieve as a student: 1. excel in your studies, 2. have a life and 3. get enough sleep. Now, the thing is, you can’t have all three! Most mortals would only be able to achieve 2 out of the 3 goals, which I pondered for awhile and eventually conceded. It’s a rare human who can achieve all 3 (and we all know at least one, haha!) I thought it was quite a beautiful theory because it sort of sums up the life we students have very nicely.

On other matters, we had a final Cell Simeon outing, before our new cell arrangements officially kick in in February. It was a mix of emotions I guess; these were people I had spent many Friday evenings and Saturdays  with, and I had grown accustomed to taking care of them. Yes, they were really childish and noisy at times but they had their loveable moments too. So when they gave me a soft toy as a gift I was actually pretty touched, and as I drove home I felt my heart hurting. A bit lah. Haha. Oh well! It’s not like we’ll never see each other again, but it’s just the end of an era, and as they say, 世上无不散之宴席。Cell Simeon (Wolverines) ftw lol!



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