Life’s a Beach!

I’m going to do some free advertising for an upcoming event in my school, NUS. Basically, it’s a sports day at the beach, with organised beach sports like volleyball, frisbee, touch rugby, soccer and even tchoukball (have you heard of this one?). Anyway, I volunteered to do publicity for the event, and I was asked to make the website. Now, I’d previously only done design work for websites (and never the actual coding), so I was a bit apprehensive. But I thought it should be simple enough, and it actually was! Knowing html also helped quite a bit, of course. Now the site is really simple and all, but I’m still really proud of it! Check it out if you’re interested: (Actually I’m proudest of my being able to merge a few photos into the splash page shown below. The main photo (not the tiny square ones, of course) is actually composed of 2 different photos! Haha.. See if you can spot the merging point! It’s quite obvious if you really take a good look :P)



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