Church Appreciation Day

My church has this very unique tradition. Every year near the beginning, typically around January, Church Appreciation Day (CAD) will be held to thank and affirm all the individuals who contributed in ministry and to the success of the church. It’s always a heartwarming event because people are recognised for their efforts, and everyone realises that a really great church is made up of awesome people, and that without a team effort, the church will not grow. So usually, the service will have elements such as Awards, medals or appreciation gifts to thank everyone, and this year the theme was “All in”.

Basically, “All in” brings to mind betting, where someone puts all his wealth on one single bet. And that’s how we have to be with Jesus and our Christian life. It’s either all or nothing. He doesn’t want a lukewarm Christian. So to spur us on, Pastor and his wife had a special idea to create an “Altar of Sacrifice” prop where everyone would be given a small sheep stick to stick onto the altar as a “sacrifice” to Jesus. Its a great way to involve everyone in the whole idea, and actually reinforce the theory with action, and it’s also fun.

I helped to make the altar, along with help from sister and Christon, MH, Clarence, Cheryl etc. It took a LOT of effort to conceptualise, because initially I couldn’t visualise how to create a stone based altar with firewood on top. In the end, cardboard boxes were painted gray for the base, and styrofoam was painted with wood texture for the firewood, so that people would be able to stick their sheep onto the styrofoam. Haha, it was so lucky, because my neighbour had just moved in a few days ago, so they threw out tons of boxes for appliances like fans and TV’s. So I just ninja’d over and took some they discarded! Under the cover of night, of course. The results can be seen below:

This is the altar before people got to stick their sheep in đŸ˜€ The boxes were painted with stone bricks texture! FUN

Haha my sister lent me her beloved sheep as a “sacrificial lamb” for the altar. It was so CUTE. and during sermon Pastor was handling the soft toy like demonstrating how priests in the Old Testament would slaughter the sheep, except it was so funny when he demonstrated it on my sister’s fluffy sheep.

This is after people stuck their sheep onto the styrofoam wood. I thought they would destroy some planks but it turned out surprisingly well! Haha, you can see some of the kids even coloured their sheep.
The sheep sticks up close. MH actually used satay sticks, and pasted sheep printouts around the stick! Quite ingenious I think.

Heheh, the whole stage layout! Awesome.. may Jurong church really become our vision of an Acts 2 church!


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