WOW! Cramped! In more than one sense of the word! Today was a really amazingly packed day, which is why i say ‘cramped’. Starting with GEK1544 Lecture at 8am, at SCIENCE no less, up til the Water polo match against SP at 7pm, I only reached home around 10.30pm with all the appointments combined. But it was fun, I really enjoyed today.

Today also marks many first times for me:

  •  First time attending a three hour Sectional Teaching session at BIZ (for TR2201, an amazing introduction, by the way.)
  •  First time playing in a competitive water polo match, at the tertiary level (stress!)
  •  First time spending about 14 hours in school in one day.
  • Yup, pretty awesome, huh!

    As for the water polo match, I felt really nervous before the match began, because me being such a noob and all, I was kinda stressed. But when the actual match started, it was so fast-paced that I didn’t even have time to think. Which was why I played so badly; I missed a pass, failed to guard my mark and generally failed in keeping up with the opponent players. Haha, I was really outclassed, outwitted, outplayed. But the Poly boys, wow, they’re really fit, they swim like torpedoes. Haha, couldn’t keep up. But all in all, I would say it was awesome exposure EXCEPT for the one horrible little incident. This SP player I was marking just happened to accidentally kick me in the calf, like the area below the back of the knee. It was INSTANT CRAMP. LOLOL and I’m still cramping right now!!! Even after stretching for so long! Walao. Now I know how Jacob felt after wrestling with the angel. One divine touch at the hamstring and I BET it was an instant cramp too! Instant Ownage. Haha, but just kidding. OH yeah I wanted to talk about GEK1544 [Game math] and TR2201 [Mktg] and even BSP1004 [Biz law] but I’m just too tired atm. So, it’ll be in another post! (Yeah, these promised posts just seem to accumulate.)



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