Trying out Dragonica

I’m going to start trying a new MMORPG called Dragonica. Apparently it’s very similar to Maple Story, with the difference that it has 3D cartoon graphics. Anyway, I know what I’m going to play. That’s right. A healer! I never have fun with any other class, strangely enough. Tanks are boring and quite stressful (because you have to maintain aggro and make sure all the big bad monsters don’t run after your squishy healers & DPS), while DPS is just plain repetitive and also pressurising (cos you have to remain at the top of the damage tables). So I actually think being a Healer is the most easygoing and carefree role in a typical RPG party setting. Haha! Oh well, download’s finished! Maybe I’ll do a review sometime soon. LOL



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