The power of remixes

Never underestimate the power of remixes. A song can turn you off so bad, but sometimes its remix can strangely turn you on equal measure. It’s weird but I guess it makes sense, because a remix primarily imbues a tune or melody with a whole different vibe or even genre. And that can make all the difference.

I played Guitar Hero at Wayne’s house the other day. And it just so happened that someone chose the song “Low” by Flo Rida. Yes, that repetitive melody that haunted radiowaves in 2008. I hated that song. But Guitar Hero featured its remix by Travis Barker. And the remix was NICE. I played the guitar part, and although there’s only ONE riff repeated near-infinite times, it was still fun, because I was rediscovering the song reincarnated in another form. And, hearing your friends sing (and Rap!) this song is pure entertainment on its own.

Haha it’s just so weird but now I realise that covers/remixes can actually make almost any song nice to someone. Because, of course, everyone has different tastes. Speaking of covers, I shall leave you with Vanilla Sky’s cover of Rihanna’s “Umbrella”. (Another song which I disliked initially) Yes, Vanilla Sky is an Italian all-male band. It’s hilarious, and I think their pronunciation actually makes their version more unique. Even though the first few seconds may make you go “wthlolcupcakes” just bear with it, it gets better.

I just thought of something! They should add Vanilla Sky’s version of “Umbrella” into Guitar Hero! That would be so fun.



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