Well, this post is quite overdue! Been drowning in deadlines and camps/trips this month, which is why I haven’t had the time nor mood haha. Anyway, on our recent family trip to Hong Kong, I began to note the things that are similar and different to Singapore. It’s always very interesting – I think. We have these 2 countries which share a similar colonial history, have a majority Chinese population, and are both located in Asia, but sometimes they’re just worlds apart. Oh well. Difference is good.

Hurhurhur. Final destination: SIN. I always find this amusing. Yet slightly worrying.

I love the MTR signages over there. It just seems so classic. But then again, Singapore’s MRT is really similar too, like how each station along the North-South line kinda has it’s own colour code. E.g. Toa Payoh Yellow, Novena Green, Newton Orange, haha! But Hong Kong is really really much more crowded than Singapore, and the people there actually keep to the right of escalators so people in a rush can walk up the left! Amazing. In Singapore, you’ll invariably be blocked either by a smooching couple or some auntie’s groceries.

Hong Kong also has a very different geography from Singapore (which is a woefully tiny splotch of crust). Its got a few different islands, and also vast mountainous areas. Apparently only less than a quarter of its total land mass is utilised, as most of it is just too unsuitable for development. SO for someone who’s only seen Bukit Timah Hill (163m yeah, baby), Hong Kong’s landscape is quite frankly, amazing. But everything’s so squashed there! It’s like they have to squeeze every little thing inside every square inch of land. So you get skyscrapers that are really really narrow and tall, congested streets, and people people everywhere. I think perhaps a person used to wide open spaces would soon get claustrophobic here, haha.

Yup, scary, huh? It’s rreaaallly packed. 水泄不通 is the way to describe it. And the people!

Haha my father’s in there somewhere.
I’m running late at the moment, so gotta wrap it up at this point. I shall dedicate a post purely for Hong Kong’s food, haha! Soon!


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