The Guild

I want to introduce an awesome online web sitcom series, entitled “The Guild”. As you may be able to extrapolate from the title, the series follows the lives of a group (or Guild) of MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games) players, both in game and in real life (irl). Being an ex-Wow player (I stopped in May 09 but I don’t rule out the possibility of replay), this series really helped to stave off the withdrawal symptoms and allowed me to live vicariously through the travails and exploits of these lovable characters. The third season has just wrapped up, so if you wanna start, there’ll be three seasons for you to catch! Each episode is only about 3 to 8 minutes in length, however, and is shot with many Webcam style viewpoints (given the virtual context many of the situations are in). But its really entertaining! They do use quite a bit of geek jargon though, so be prepared. If you need any help, just search Urban Dictionary, it really helps!

(Haha yes, it’s like “Friends” for geeks)

The main narrator is Codex, a female priest. She’s an unemployed ex-child violin prodigy who is rather insecure, but who finds a new identity through her avatar. Each episode usually begins with a monologue of Codex to her Webcam relating to incidents in the episode, like a verbal diary. Yay! I play a priest, too!

Then there’s Vork, the actual Guild Leader. He’s a social hermit and plays a Warrior class. He also has many quirks and weird scrimping practices. He’s also unemployed.

Next is Zaboo, a Warlock character. He’s actually an Indian who also happens to be madly infatuated with Codex, and has a penchant for cyber stalking. One of the more pro players.

And then there’s Clara, a full-time housewife and mother of 3. She has abysmal home-making abilities, letting her children run wild and forgetting to feed them at times. She plays a mage, and Vork once commented that she’s the only player to use her real life name for her avatar She’s also rather rotund.

Bladezz is the resident Rogue of the Guild. He’s the only high-school student in the guild (not very realistic, I know! Like how many actual guilds are made up mostly of unemployed adults and have a gender balance in players?) and has long brown hair. He also models part-time to pay through college.

The last member is Tinkaballa, an Asian girl in Medical School. She plays a Ranger / Hunter / Archer class and has very high dexterity. She is also one of the more verbally abusive members of the guild, in contrast with the peace-maker Codex.

Right, a brief overview of the 6 main characters! It’s really funny to see the way these players interact with each other. I tried my best not to give any plot spoilers while giving an impression of each. OKAY enough time spent blogging, back to hit the books! Head to this link if you wanna start watching:

To end off, here’s a music video done by the cast. It’s hilarious!



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