Things to do after the exams!

Yes, just thinking about the end of exams makes me salivate. In no specific order, here are some things I’d like to do in the month long break before next semester:

  • catch up on my sleep debt
  • go christmas shopping with eddie and zee
  • learn a few more guitar chords
  • finish dragon age
  • do a nice blog skin
  • eat and eat. a buffet sounds real good right now
  • while we’re on this topic, buy lots of famous amos cookies
  • find some good cell materials
  • get a haircut
  • play mahjong (oh yes)
And besides these, I already have 4 camps/trips planned out for December: Ministry Camp from 5-7, Cyberia Camp on 9-11, HK family trip from 12-16 and SPR from 25-27. Additionally, water polo training will resume in December (oh, joy.. …) Haha, looks like a full holiday! I’m quite apprehensive yet expectant. Just 5 papers to slog through first!!


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