Exam Tips

With the exams drawing nearer and nearer each day, it’s increasingly easy to freak out. But why make exams such a painful process? I actually enjoy the examinations period, because there are no boring lectures or tutorials to attend anymore, and the papers are short little 2 hour pops that are hardly worth the extreme stress or frenzy we put ourselves into. In fact, the feeling you get as you walk out of the exam after your last paper is pure euphoria. I remember back when I was in Sec 4, our whole school hall erupted into cheers as the teachers collected the last exam script of the very last paper. The teachers didn’t even have the heart to tell us to remain silent.

So, here are some lovely tips to make the exams period, and studying for them, bearable; if not enjoyable!

Tip #1: Find good study companions.
A good study companion can influence your whole study attitude. Finding studious and non-disruptive friends are the best, as they will influence you to be the same. 近朱者赤,近墨者黑。As you can see here, my study companions are ideal.

(Domokun and Bao Cai will not pester you about the latest episode of Gossip Girl or ask you to accompany them to the toilet/canteen/bookshop. If need be, they can concentrate indefinitely on their notes. They are thus good study companions.)
Tip #2: Try to spot the questions
This is not to be attempted by the weak-hearted. It takes a gambler’s spirit to succeed at this endeavor, but the payoffs are quite significant, including lesser loads to study and no wastage of precious exam time thinking. Of course, you should exercise your skills of Probability learnt in Secondary School E Math. (i.e. Don’t study only 2 topics when you know that 3 essay questions will be given). Therefore, it is a must to attend the final lecture, even if it’s your first that semester. Often, lecturers will give the exam format, and seeing their students’ tense and stressed faces, might capitulate and dish out some juicy exam tips. This is your chance to spot! Also, use your own discretion as to which topics are not so relevant. If the lecturer had glossed over the topic, or if the chapter seems common-sense, it should be okay to just browse through (notice I am not giving any definites, haha! Don’t wanna be blamed for any bad results!)
Tip #3: Prepare your Exam Survival Kit!
Every student needs a complete Exam Survival Kit! In this kit, you must pack your stationery, entry proof, student card, water bottle and winter wear (it’s freezing in most exam halls). Optional but recommended items include sweets (to keep yourself awake), a cute toy (to keep yourself entertained) and a watch (if you don’t already wear one. I’ve seen students bring their alarm clocks to the hall, but this seems abit excessive to me). Below, you can view a typical setup:
(Does seeing this dreaded scene incite fear in you? Haha)
There’s a waterbottle, a chocolate bar, some sweets, a pocket calculator, my matriculation card and pencil box! The exam hadn’t started (of course, or I wouldn’t be carrying my phone and taking pictures, now would I?) so I had my notes out to revise too. Being so thoroughly prepared, you’ll go in fully calm and reassured of your competence and ability. And confidence will boost your performance! Like how good morale will increase your stats & dps in an RPG!
And if all else fails, and you felt that you’d been slaughtered after the paper, use Tip #4, Give yourself a treat. You deserve it! So that concludes my tiny, totally not exhaustive examination guide. Hopefully your exams will be a happy experience! OK back to mugging!


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