well well

so my Singapore Politics exam is tomorrow. expectedly, i have decided to blog.. how irrational. anyway, some updates!!

1) its the holidays!!!
2) i’m slacking!!
3) mum bought me a new watch and its supercool
4) started a new priest, a blood elf one, this time
5) my phone has been giving some problems. some days i just will not receive any sms’es or calls, but when i make an outgoing call or sms, a sudden influx of sms’es and notifications for missed calls flood in. it’s quite scary.. and i’m sorry to people i’ve dao-ed. like ws hahaha. arranged to lend him a volleyball but completely forgot about it, and in the end he had to contact my sister to get the ball himself.. so now i keep periodically calling home and then hanging up, to “refresh” my phone. (but of course, more often than not, i forget) maybe its time for.. a new phone!!

hmmm! looking forward to tomorrow 11am =) and one funny incident that happened: our youth went out to play Dota at a lan cafe. so there was quite a disparate distribution of skilled and newbie players, so we decided to give the girls “immunity” (i.e. we would TRY not to kill them hahaha) so when the game started, i typed to everyone in the game “k bernice & kaylin get immunity k?”

to which bernice then turns to leroy and asks, “where do i buy immunity?”

hehehe ok you may not get it but nvm. back to mugging. guess what! i might actually finish reading a whole course pack this time round!!


Here’s a screenshot of my new priest. His name’s Nathanael. Quite a priestly name, don’t you think? And he’s almost as shuai as me, too! Hahaha…



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