my CCA :D

so i just got rejected a place in the school dorm / hall / residence for actual semester stay for the third time. (not including appeals) i have now progressed through the 5 stages of grief and arrived at my present state of contemplative acceptance. initially i was in denial (this can’t be happening!!) then anger (why is this happening to me!!!) then depression (i suck boo hoo). not to mention when my friends staying in hall say there are empty rooms. but now, i feel kinda peacefully resigned to it. let it be… *sings

i guess its because i used to love the idea of staying in hall really much. i would imagine waking up whenever i wanted to, leaving my room as messy as i wanted to, making new friends and neighbours and generally having a place to call my own, not to mention the sweeeeet discount on travelling time. but now, this idealistic notion of hall life has been somewhat eroded by experience. i realised how much i really enjoy staying in my BIG house (:D) and other stuff la..

and separately, i guess the main reason why i haven’t been able to garner a spot in residence, was due to my lack of Cca points (i have a grand total of….. 8 points lol!). at first this made me really sad, like why i so loser. then when i actually think about it, i realise Jurong youth is my real CCa. (Tricia was the one who discovered this XD) and the thing is, its WAY better than any Cca could ever be. i mean, you invest time and effort just like for Cca, but its just different and so much more rewarding (dunno how to describe it!) 😀 really really just happy to be part of this awesome team and wonderful church. and i really feel that God is happy with me here

so when i think of this, i’m actually kind of happy that i’m rejected from hall, because it is a reflection of the path that i have chosen, and an affirmation that though there might be sacrifices to make, i think i’ve made the right choice. HAHA so much rambling from one rejection letter.

on a happier note, the chicken kimchi rice @ Togi’s [Chinatown] is superb. and so is the spicy ramen with rice cake OHH saliva dripping



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