my lost coin <3

you know how in Luke chapter 15 there is this parable about the woman who  lost one of her 10 coins? she searches frantically about her house, turning it inside-out, and when she finally finds it, she calls her friends over to celebrate?

i always thought she was a bit weird (calling a party to celebrate finding your coin lol?) but now i know how she felt! cos i was walking home from the bus stop after sentosa, when i saw this nice red bicycle. Hmm.. this nice bicycle looks familiar… then it hit me. it was my bike!!! i frantically searched my pockets for the keys to it, then realised i was wearing a different pair of pants. (/facepalm) and for the life of me, i couldnt remember WHEN i parked the bike there!!

so i walked home, had dinner, then searched frantically for the keys. at first, i couldn’t find them so i thought i’d have to resort to cutting or breaking the chain (ohnoes what if somebody thought i was a bike thief D:). when i found them at the bottom of my backpack, i was so happy i told my whole family hahahahaha.

so i walked happily back to the bus stop, unlocked my bike and rode home. so happy to be reunited with my lost bike! i think it was parked there for a week! so here i am doing the 21st century equivalent of what that woman did =) telling it on my blog hahaha..


One response

  1. you didnt realise your bike was missing!!!!! heheheheeee 😛

    2 April, 2009 at 23:26


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