management tutorial

its now the 4th week of school!! of my second semester!! time fliess!

and i have only effectively done the readings for the 1st week of school!!

oh noes!! im doomed!!

on other matters, tutorials have kick-started these 2 weeks, and i must say, PS tutorials are still extremely boring.. but on a pleasant note, business tutorials are really fun (i think condensing them into weekly 1 hour sessions really helps – rather than biweekly 2 hour sessions). i am tempted to transfer faculty but i think that would be quite stupid.

so, for management 101 tutorial today, we had an egg smashing competition! amazing, right? after doing introductions and dividing us into groups, our tutor distributed 20 straws and a roll of masking tape to each team, with instructions to create an egg landing dock that will successfully receive a chicken egg dropped from 8 feet. rofl! in 15 minutes.

so our team deliberated and came up with an ingenious, though imperfect design. we basically made a criss-cross mesh of straws, topped with up-ended masking tape, and wound round with a funnel shaped bowl of tape. the idea being, the egg will be channeled past the funnel of stickiness, slowing its fall, before bouncing harmlessly off the suspension of straws, and finally getting ensared in the bottom. theoretically sound, but it needed certain improvements.

i was in charge of dropping the egg, aannddd i ALMOST missed the entire construct!! HAHA!! luckily though, it hit most of the inside of the funnel, but it overbalanced the construct, and the egg rolled onto the floor, resulting in a tiny crack, where the egg white started to ooze slowly out. so everyone went awwww…. and the tutor deducted points for our fallen egg.

BUT, to our surprise, none of the other teams managed to preserve the integrity of their eggs!! one team made a suspended ‘blanket’ of tape, but the egg bounced majestically off the blanket and landed with a resounding crack and splash on the floor lol (lucky there was newspaper). and another team made this egg-cup like construct, which the egg-dropper missed ENTIRELY. hehe. splat.

so, for our rather tasteful design, and our economic use of materials, our team triumphed and won ourselves a mars bars each.

now, why can’t other tutorials be like so?


3 responses

  1. lazyprince

    ya bernice exactly!
    and shimmer, arts modules are really boring too.. i did social work, sociology, politics, philosophy 101, all the tutorials are blah! (like extended lectures) (either that, or pointless discussions going nowhere hahaha! philo esp.!)

    11 February, 2009 at 10:17

  2. so fun!! hahaha. sounds more like orientation/motivational camp than a module : P

    10 February, 2009 at 14:43

  3. yea business modules are really fun. and they are very interactive too! in fact, most arts modules are like that i thought? only the engin ones are boringgggggggggg

    10 February, 2009 at 01:23


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