the curious incident of the old man and the young biker in the night time

school has started! oh woe is me. once again, i will have to take 3 buses to school, and this semester will be even worse than the last, because… i have classes on all 5 weekdays now, and i’ve moved house further into the estate, which means a 13 min walk instead of 3min!! sobs

so, influenced by melvin the avid triathlete, i have decided to cycle to the bus stop, then take the buses to school. when i return after school, i can then cycle back home from the bus stop! how clever!!

but anyway, something weird happened tonight. as i was crossing the main road after alighting from my bus, i noticed a really old man standing at the central divider of the road, like not knowing what to do like that. so, i thought i should help this old man cross the rest of the road. so i crossed to the divider then asked him if he needed help. i couldnt really understand what he said, but anyway, he took my arm, and off we went.

now you have to understand, this is a 3 lane road (6 in total) with fast moving traffic so i was pretty worried. the traffic was still pretty far off. but this old man was also moving really really slowly. so i thought i would have to like become the traffic master and like “STOPPPP!! let this old man pass!!”

but suddenly, this young and healthy looking chap bounded across the road and took the old man’s other arm, and we continued crossing in 3 way tandem. meanwhile, waving his bike helmet with authority and finesse, he blocked the entire 3 lane traffic. i was like wth? this young man had been riding his bike, i gather, when he saw this old man standing in the central divider. so he made a u turn, stopped at the side of the road, and skipped across the road to help him cross the road!

wow! what a good samaritan! can u imagine a motorist actually getting out of his vehicle to help an old person cross the road? he even advised the old man not to jaywalk in the future. (but i don’t know how much the old man heard lol) if it were me on the road, i wouldnt even have seen the old man!! (very dark, and i look straight)

so, the day saved, the healthy man got on his bike, made another u turn, and was gone. and now im blogging this so i don’t forget it.



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