Special term II at NUS just started this week. so for these next 5/6 weeks, the 2 modules i’ll be taking are:

  • Places, Environment & Society (Geography); and
  • Malay Language

mwahaha. for Malay, we were told to create a blog to post about our malay learning. but to be economical (i.e. save effort [i.i.e. i am dam lazy]) i will just post here instead! how clever i am!! so, let me talk about my lessons this week. i’ll try to mix in a bit of malay so i can impress my tutor too! *EDIT!!* haha okay i DID create a dedicated malay blog. check it out here if you really wanna read atrocious malay. (SHIMMER PLs teach me!!)

let’s start with the simplest greetings!

“Apa khabar?” translates simply to “how are you?” however, what is interesting is that the literal translation is “what news?” but in the context of malay conversation, it means “how are you?” and the simple reply would be “Khabar baik” which translates literally, to “Good news” but is taken to mean, “I am fine.” mwahaha please, try asking your friends now! (note to Zi Yao, please dont flame me! i know u malay v pro lol)

In church, Ella taught me another greeting. she taught me “Selamat Sabbath” which means, Happy Sabbath!!

Okay, but how was my geography class?? Geography class was sangat gembira (very fun!) because, we got to see optical illusions for lesson! actually, a more accurate term for these would be um… stereograms!! so he flashed a few for the class to try and see. for the first one i stared really really really hard…. until my eyeballs started to ache.. the trick! the trick is to focus on these 2 dots, until u make three distinct dots. then you know you’ve found the correct depth to view the “magic” ooohhh. but a lot of stereograms don’t come with these dots though.

try refocusing your vision until the 2 dots become 3. eh heh heh. not so easy right! i am smart!!

so anyway, i stared for dam long…… and i finally saw something!! but suddenly it would disappear. then i had to refocus all over again.. so…. aggravating….. grr….. i missed the first one, but i guessed the second one correctly!! and the prof gave me a prize!! more evidence of my intelligence! i even got that to rhyme sia

he gave me a mysteriously wrapped golden package!! i felt so special!!

and inside the special golden package was CHOCOLATE! plus a pen, a post-it pad, and an encouraging happy note. what a nice professor, right?? his name is Prof. T. C. Chang!

saya suka makan coklat. coklat sangat sedap!

ok to end off my mundane post, here’s 2 stereograms to challenge you and make u feel dumb. it’s okay if you cant see it. try relaxing your eyes, and seeing past the image. (focus your eyes on a depth range behind the image) keke. only smart people can see it ok!

this one above has an actual shape embedded inside. good luck wahahaha

this one, however, is merely a 3d-ification of the fishes!! if u get it, its quite beautiful! sort of like suddenly switching from a 2d view to 3d..

all in all, i enjoyed my first week of classes. although the school week is much heavier than my previous special term, i enjoy these modules much more! OK! Jumpa Lagi (till we meet agaiN!)

Selamat Malam (good niteeeeeeeeee)


3 responses

  1. lazyprince

    i am NOT lame! hey pls teach me malay mk… lol malay is more applicable in our region ma, not like jap or german.. i have no jap or german friends.

    hallo Wei Lin! cc classes are really cheap leh. u must be really cheapskate lol… anw, thanks! if u like, can see the malay blog my teacher force us to make.. he comments to correct my mistakes also

    10 July, 2008 at 00:42

  2. linn

    hey malay rocks… i want to learn but im too cheapo to pay for the cc course. end up bugging my malay friends to teach me words… so i know load of words but cant make sentences. lolx. glad ure having fun in sch. cheerios /wei lin

    9 July, 2008 at 23:13

  3. you are lame…haha..but it’s alright!

    i know malay too u know? but my spoken malay is cacat la….why u wanna learn malay anyway huh? should do japanese or french or sth…more universal…

    9 July, 2008 at 02:40


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